Obtained the diploma of “Master of Art and Decorator” at the
secondary school, of the State Institute of Art of Imperia (2012-2013).
Protracted his studies in the course of ” Painting ”
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sanremo achieving the Degree (2014-2017).
Obtained the certificates for the courses ” Ceramics ”and ” 2De3D ” a l’école supérieure Pavillon Bosio of Montecarlo (2016-2017).
Obtained the diploma Accademia Albertina of Turin for the specialization in theater scenography (2017-2020).
Obtained the certificates for the courses ”French language”and ” Blender” at the Accademia Domani (2019/2020).

-Gallery Quasi Fotografo ” io resto a casa” October 2, Verona (2020).
-Published in the catalog July 2020 Marika Magazine Issue 73, (2020).
-Exhibition for International Exhibition ” La vita dell’Arte” A60 Contemporary Art Space July 03 to 15, Milan (2020).
-Exhibition for project ‘’Un artista al giorno’’, June of 18, in the Gallery Micro Artisti Digitali, Rome (2020).
-Azimut, permanent exhibition on the table for project ”Artisondeteibol” at the local Pastis, June of 15 Turin (2020).
-Published in the catalog May 2020 Marika Magazine Issue 35, (2020).
-Art About Magazine ‘’One Shot’’, published online, Avril (2020).
-Published in the catalog March 2020 Florence Contemporary Gallery
-Wunderkammern Effimere gallery, ‘’Compendio del tempo ’’, from 16 March to 1 Juli, Milan (2020).
– Gallery Ospizio Giovani Artisti ” Vite, morte e miracoli ”, 4th to 15th November, Rome (2019).
-‘’Welcome to the Machine’’ Paratissima at the Politecnico, from October 30th to December 7th,Turin (2019).
-Biblioteca Nazionale, ‘’The Upcoming Art’’, Alessandro Marena Association, from October 30th to November 7th,Turin (2019).
-National Award of Arts, from October 14th to November 17th,’’Gruppo Trittico di Puccini’’, Open Incet, Turin (2019).
-Wellness Creative, ‘’Migrando’’, from 28th September to 10th October, Turin (2019).
– Scuola di Arti e Mestieri from 1 to 29 September, Suzzara (2019).
-Wunderkammern Effimere gallery, ‘’ My self ’’, from 8 to 30 April, Milan (2019).
– San Salvatore in Lauro Museum “The artistic mind, women in comparison” from 3 to 5 April Rome (2019).
– PescaraAbruzzo Foundation ‘’ Art and Design for environmental protection ’’, from 18 January to 30 March, Pescara (2019).
– Scuola di arti e Mestieri from 2 to 30 September, Suzzara (2018).
-Palazzo Spinola from 4 August to 16 September, Rocchetta Ligure (AL) (2018).
– San Salvatore in Lauro Museum “The artistic mind, women in comparison” Rome (2018).
-Politecnico di Torino ‘’ Imaging and cancer, stories of research between art and science ’’ Torino (2018).
-M.A.C.R.O ‘’ Interiora Horror Fest ”, Rome (2017).
-Open Space Association Via dell’Arco ‘’ A Lele Luzzati ”S. Margherita Ligure (2016).
-Foundation scuola di arti e Mestieri from September 4 to October 2, Suzzara (2016).
-Foundation Scuola di Arti e Mestieri from 6 September to 4 October, Suzzara (2015).
-Worked as a makeup artist for the 2019-2020 season, Teatro Regio. Turin
– Participated as a set designer, costume designer, sartorial creator and vestiarist for the Alcina work at the Conservatory of Alessandria (2019).
– Part of the costumes for Traviata Archives for the Alessandria Conservatory (2019).
– Participated in the creation of costumes and set design by Elena and the Troiane at the Greek Theater in Syracuse (2019).
-Selected for the artistic project organized by Novella Guerra in Nesxt, Turin (2018).
-Selected for the workshop Draw the invisible with the artist Marzia Migliora for Artissima, Turin (2018).
-Published on an E-book on the website (2018).
-Published in the Bianco Scuro art magazine catalog (2018).
-Collaborate as costume designer, stage designer and dresser for ‘’ I due timidi ”, Alessandria (2018).
-Published in the National catalog “Arte e Sport VII edition (2016).
– Mention of merit for the ABI competition (2016).