Ossessivi compulsivi

  Collage digitale di fotografie scattate alla spazzatura, realizzato nel 2019. Due, di formato: 50×70 cm senza cornice Una, 30×30 cm senza cornice. Il nostro pianeta, la nostra casa, invasa da spazzatura di ogni tipo. Questo progetto raccoglie una serie di elementi fotografati per la strada abbandonati incivilmente. Le foto originali fanno parte di una […]


Creation the philosopher’s stone. -figures -illustrations -puppets -costume -technical drawings -dossier -sketches  

Racco(lti)nti dal Ma(le)re

Racco(lti)nti dal Ma(le)reTales from the sea The title, which is an italian word pun translatable as “Tales from the sea”/”Collected by the Evil”, alludes by the assonance between the words at two negative contexts and two positives.The first two concern the pollution and the harm towards the Planet caused by men, meanwhile the other suggest […]


The term “stigma” is from Latin and means “mark”, “stain”, “point”, but it came also from the greek language, and in this case the meaning is “to sting” and “to mark”. It was used in the history with the significance of to imprint, to brand with fire on the body, a social disadvantage of the […]


Season scan the time and the development of life, alluding so to the futility of the existence.On the road from birth to death, the human being deals with every kind of experiences, then he writes his own story together with the objects he is surrounded by.I like to think that the objects I picked up […]

Qu’y a t il à Barrière de Milan? Les poubelles nous le dit!

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