Racco(lti)nti dal Ma(le)re

Racco(lti)nti dal Ma(le)re
Tales from the sea

The title, which is an italian word pun translatable as “Tales from the sea”/”Collected by the Evil”, alludes by the assonance between the words at two negative contexts and two positives.
The first two concern the pollution and the harm towards the Planet caused by men, meanwhile the other suggest a more personal aspect of the object and its story.
Racconti dal Mare o Racconti del Male are linked by the common theme of the pollution and the men’s inability to respect our Planet, the indifference against the environment and men’s potential to damage every place by every means.
Some items have been collected on the shore at the border with France, after the tragedy happened in Ventimiglia, a ligurian city, due the tidal wave occurred afterward the storm.
This carried to the shoreline several rubbish, which was picked up in order to clean, even if for a short time, the Earth.

Racconti dal Mare o Racconti dal Male, it refers to my personal thoughts that every founded object have is own story, and after the pickup it loses his previous characteristics, because the object gets taken and decontextualized from his real use and the object becomes the subject of the journey which brings it to me.
Removing the garbage from its erroneous location you accomplish a positive action towards the Earth, and the item is been used for a new cause.
The collected elements got cleaned, then treated even pictorially, for pointing out the already present features, later they are placed together to create a new composition.



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